Jun 20, 2014
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Get Rid of Acne with Tea

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Having a perfectly clear skin can be tricky, especially if you have oily skin. However, drinking tea – the right type – can help with this problem. Find out more about the teas for acne!

How teas for acne can help

While classical medication or skin lotions can help a lot, tea counts as a natural solution for solving acne problems. Whether applied topically or drunk, various types of tea can improve your skin condition.

Applied topically, it has a direct effect on the skin, especially on the oily type. Other types of tea, the kinds that help you relax, also reduce stress, which often causes breakouts. Some help with acne scars, as well.

Tea for acne

Spearmint tea is one type of tea you can drink in order to get rid of acne, as it helps regulate hormones. It prevents breakouts and slowly works to reduce the number of zits on your face.

You can get the same results if you drink rooibos tea, licorice tea, burdock tea, echinacea tea, sarsaparilla tea, or ginseng tea . Drinking one of these teas, 2-3 cups a day, is bound to lead to pleasing results when it comes to getting rid of acne.

Chamomile tea helps you relax, which reduces stress – a common cause for acne. While drinking it does not have a direct effect on acne, it can help reduce this skin problem.

Tea for acne scars

In some cases, acne can leave nasty scars behind. Once you get rid of acne, you can start focusing on how to get rid of the scars, as well.

In this case, green tea can help. It can be drunk or applied topically – brew some green tea and use it to rinse your face or just as a face lotion.

Side effects of tea for acne

Despite the benefits of teas for acne, their consumption can lead to a few side effects, as well.

Spearmint tea can lead to unwanted stomach problems (diarrhea) and headaches; it can also cause your menstruation to be late. It all depends on the amount of spearmint tea you drink, which varies from one person to another.

Using green tea may lead to side effects related to its caffeine content. If you know caffeine does not do you any good, be careful with the amount of green tea you drink or use. The symptoms you might get include dizziness, insomnia, loss of appetite and irritability.

For skin problems, try one of the various teas for acne. Consuming or using tea counts as a natural remedy, so give it a try!

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