Apr 6, 2014
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Better known by its trade name Prozac®, this drug – one of the SELECTIVE SEROTONINREUPTAKE INHIBITORS (SSRIS) – has been widely used, especially in North America, for the treatment of depression and anxiety (see MENTAL ILLNESS). Though causing fewer side-effects than TRICYCLIC ANTIDEPRESSANT DRUGS (the first such drugs widely used), SSRI drugs should be prescribed with care and should not be stopped abruptly. Unlike benzodiazepine tranquillisers such as Valium®, fluoxetine is not addictive, but there have been rare reports of it allegedly provoking people to acts of violence. The drug acts by modifying the activities of neurotransmitters, notably DOPAMINE and SEROTONIN in the brain, thus prolonging the effects of these chemical messengers.

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