Apr 6, 2014
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A collection of gas in the stomach or bowels. In the former case the gas is expelled from time to time in noisy eructations (see ERUCTATION) by the mouth; in the latter it may produce rumblings in the bowels, or be expelled from the ANUS.

Causes When gas is found in large amount in the bowels, its production is usually due to fermentation set up by bacteria.

Treatment Flatulence in the stomach is treated by relieving the DYSPEPSIA which causes it. It may also be relieved, or eased, by the administration of CARMINATIVES. Flatulence may be aggravated by anxiety. If the flatulence is due to, or aggravated by, the habit of swallowing air, the patient must try and break the habit. To reduce intestinal flatulence, a sufferer may require a change of diet to easily digestible foods.

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