Jun 21, 2014
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Find out more about Teas for Babies

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A newborn baby needs to be taken care of properly. Parents have to be careful with what they give their baby to drink, as well, among other things. There are a few restrictions even when it comes to tea. Find out which are the proper types of tea for babies.

When to give tea to babies

Although herbal teas bring adults (and even children) many health benefits, this doesn’t apply to babies, as well.

Even if mothers often prepare teas for babies, doctors recommend that this should happen only after the baby is 6 months old. The only thing babies should have until they are over 6 months old is the mother’s milk. The mother’s milk contains everything a newborn baby needs.

Forbidden teas for babies

While babies who are older than 6 motnhs can drink tea, there are still many types of tea which are forbidden to them.

Babies shouldn’t be given teas that contain caffeine. This can lead to harmful side effects, which include an upset stomach or sleeping problems; it might also make the baby easily irritable.

Besides caffeine, make sure the tea you give to your baby doesn’t contain polyphenols (it hinders the body’s absorption of iron, which can later cause learning problems), or star anise (Chinese star anise is sometimes contaminated with the Japanese one, which can be poisonous).

Don’t give your baby sweetened tea, either. Check for “hidden” sugars, which are used to sweeten a usually bitter tea. Such teas can harm your baby’s developing teeth, and it might also make him refuse breast milk.

Teas for babies

Herbal teas which are considered safe to be given to children older than 6 months include chamomile, caraway, lemonbalm, fennel, catnip, and dill. All these teas for babies come with health benefits.

Fennel, dill, caraway, and catnip tea helps your baby when he’s got stomach aches, trapped wind and colic. You can give lemonbalm and chamomile tea to calm your baby and help him relax.

Also, babies don’t need to drink a full cup of tea. Either add a bit to your baby’s sipping cup, or offer your baby a few spoons of tea. Also, the herbs should be added to almost-boiling water, and steeping time shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes.

If you choose the right type, tea can be a healthy beverage for your baby. Make sure it doesn’t contain any forbidden substances and only give it to your baby when he’s at least 6 months old.

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