Feb 12, 2014
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Linn. f.

Synonym ► F. daemona Koen. ex Vahl. F. Oppositifolia Roxb.

Family ► Moraceae.

Habitat ► Outer Himalaya from Chenab eastwards to West Bengal Assam, Central and South India and the Andaman Islands.

Ayurvedic ► Kaakodumbara, Kaashtodumbara, Phalgu, Malayu, Malapu.

Unani ► Anjir Dashti.

Siddha/Tamil ► Peyatti, Chona Atthi.

Action ► Syconium—galactagogue. Bark and seed—purgative, emetic.

The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia ofIn- dia recommends the fruit in jaundice, oedema and anaemia; fruit and root in leucoderma, vitiligo.

The fruits, seeds and bark contain beta-sitosterol, beta-amyrin, n- triacontanyl acetate, gluacol acetate, hispidin, a phenanthraindolizidine alkaloid, bergapten and psoralen. A leu- cocyanin has been isolated from the root; oleanolic acid from the leaves.

Dosage ► Fruit—10-20 g; root—1- 3 g powder. (API Vol. III.)

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