Feb 19, 2014
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Foeniculum dulce. N.O. Umbelliferae.

Synonym ► Hinojo.

Habitat ► Chalk cliffs and downs.

Features ► Stem erect, three to four feet, striated, smooth, freely branched. Leaves thrice pinnate, awl-shaped leaflets. Flowers (July and August) golden yellow, in broad, terminal umbels. Fruit oblong, cylindrical, slightly curved, half-inch long by one-tenth inch broad. Taste and smell, sweetish and aromatic.

Part used ► Seeds.

Action ► Carminative, stomachic, stimulant, diaphoretic.

In prescriptions where the above-mentioned properties are needed in mild form. These seeds appear in the formula for the well-known Compound Liquorice Powder. May be taken in the usual infusion.

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