Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Myrtaceae.

Habitat ► Native to South America; cultivated in gardens; now naturalized in some parts of In dia at medium elevations under sub-tropical conditions.

English ► Pitaanga, Surinam Cherry.

Action ► Fruit—used as a source of carotenoids (225.9 mcg/g) and provitamin A (991 RE/100g). Leaves—diuretic, antirheumatic, antifebrile. Used for lowering blood pressure, blood cholesterol, uric acid level, also for reducing body weight. Essential oil— digestive, carminative.

The leaves gave flavonoids, querci- trin, quercetin, myricitrin and myrice- tin as major constituents.

The bark contains 28.5% tannins.

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