Jun 23, 2014
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English Breakfast Tea

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English Breakfast Tea is a mixture of black teas originating from Assam, Ceylon and Kenya and was invented in Scotland in the 19th century. This blend is an established breakfast custom in England, having an invigorating and energizing aroma which is the perfect way to start the day.

English Breakfast Tea – when and how to drink it

As the name suggests, the tea is associated with a particular moment of the day, but it is generally consumed on any occasion. It can be served with milk or other additives in order to suit your personal preference. Do not pour the milk first; this could result in an unpleasant aroma.

How to brew English Breakfast Tea

Before pouring boiling water into your cup to make the infusion, the pot should ideally be already warmed with hot water. Allow your English Breakfast Tea brewing three to five minutes in order to attain the desired results, according to the preferred taste. Do not steep it for too long, because it will turn slightly bitter. If you want a stronger aroma, add more tea leaves.

Health benefits of English Breakfast Tea

English breakfast Tea contains high amounts of beneficial nutrients which can prevent cardiovascular diseases, improve oral health by reducing dental caries and lower the risk of cancer. It can be used as a replacement for coffee because it contains a sufficient amount of caffeine to provide the daily necessary dose. Furthermore, it contains no calories and it can be extremely effective in the weight loss process if you are on a diet because the beverage reduces the cholesterol levels.

English Breakfast Tea side effects

The only reported side effects of English Breakfast Tea consumption are those associated with caffeine consumption, such as anxiety. For people who find it hard to tolerate the caffeine, there are a number of decaffeinated alternatives.

The strong and smooth taste of English Breakfast Tea, sweetened or not, will complement your meal at any moment throughout the day! The refreshing aroma of this extremely popular black tea is guaranteed to turn it into a personal favourite for any tea lover.

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