Jun 20, 2014
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Drink Tea for Detox

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There are various medications which can help with the detoxifying process, though many varieties of tea promote this process, as well. Find out more about teas for detox!

About the detoxification process

Many people relate detoxification with consumption of drugs and alcohol. While this is true, detoxification isn’t strictly related to this.

Detoxification is a process which our body undergoes when it gets rid of various toxic substances. One of the organs responsible for the detoxification process is the liver.

While in some cases it might be necessary, you need to be careful when taking the decision to undergo a detoxifying process. Doctors recommend that people with various health conditions – anemia, diabetes, or kidney disease, for example, should not undergo a detoxification process. The same applies to pregnant and nursing women.

Tea can prove to be useful during the detoxifying process. As it is a natural beverage, it is also good for your health, bringing along many health benefits, too. This applies with teas for detox, as well.

Types of tea for detox

Ginger tea and chamomile tea are often recommended when undergoing a detoxifying process. Also, they both have calming effects, which will help you go through with this process. Milk thistle tea is also good when you’re going through a detoxifying process. It is good for the liver, which helps promote detoxification.

Other teas for detox include burdock tea, dandelion tea, nettle tea, rosehip tea, lemongrass tea and lemon balm tea. Many of these also promote a proper digestion, help you treat colds or the flu, and can help with various health problems.

Side effects of tea for detox

While these teas help with the detoxifying process, you have to be careful with their side effects.

Milk thistle tea and nettle tea, for example, can act as a laxative if they are drunk for long periods of time. Meanwhile, dandelion tea should not be consumed by persons suffering from diabetes, or those who have low blood sugar levels.

Side effects vary from one tea to another. Make sure you discuss with your doctor about the tea for detox you decide on.

When undergoing a detoxification process, choose to drink tea that can help you. As a natural beverage, it will promote detoxification, as well as help you stay healthy. Make sure you try some teas for detox!

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