Feb 12, 2014
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Wall ex Griseb.

Synonym ► D. nepalensis Sweet ex Bernardi.

Family ► Dioscoreaceae.

Habitat ► The Himalaya from Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh and in Assam at 450-3,100 m.

Ayurvedic ► Vaaraahikanda (var.), Grishti.

Folk ► Gun, Kris (Punjab).

Action ► Tuber—antipthiriac. Leaf— febrifuge. The rhizomes are a rich source of diogenin and its glycoside. Steroidal saponins have also been isolated. Diogenin is used in the preparation of various steroidal drugs.

Synonym ► D. hispada Dennst. D. hirsuta Dennst.

Family ► Dioscoreaceae.

Habitat ► Sikkim, the Himalayas, Khasi Hills.

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