Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Rutaceae.

Habitat ► Western Himalayas from Kashmir to Kunawar, common in Pangi.

English ► Gas Plant, Dittany, Burning Bush.

Action ► Root bark—used in nervous diseases, hysteria, intermittent fevers, urinogenital disorders, and amenorrhoea; a decoction for scabies and other skin affections. Toxic.

Dittany stimulates the muscles of the uterus, while its effect on the gastro-intestinal tract is antispasmod- ic, it relaxes the gut. (The plant is used in Greek folk medicine as anti- spasmodic.) The herb contains furo- quinoline alkaloids (including dictam- nine), furococumarins, limonoids, and flavonoids (including rutin).

Volatile oil contains estragol, anet- hole, and a toxic alkaloid dictamnine. Flowers yield 0.05% essential oil containing methylchavicol and anethole. Leaves yield 0.15% essential oil.

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