Feb 12, 2014
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Synonym ► Poinciana regai Bojer ex Hook.

Family ► Caesalpiniaceae. Habitat ► Native to Madagascar; grown in gardens and avenues for ornamental purposes and for shade.

English ► Flamboyant Flame tree, Gold Mohur.

Ayurvedic ► Gulmohar (var.) White Gold Mohur is equated with Delonix elata Gamble, synonym Poinciana elata Linn.

Siddha ► Vadanarayana, Pe- rungondrai, Mayarum. White Gulmohar. (Tamil)

Action ► Bark—antiperiodic, febrifuge. Plant—antirheumatic, spasmogenic. Flowers (aqueous and alcoholic extract)—active against roundworm.

White Gulmohar trunk-bark yielded asparagine and aspartic acid. Flowers gave iso-quercetin.

Delonix regia bark gave leucocyani- din; bark and leaves contain tannin, lu- peol and beta-sitosterol, and free OH- proline as major amino acid. Flower anthers are a rich source of zeaxanthin.

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