Jun 20, 2014
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Cranesbill Tea

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Cranesbill has been used for centuries to treat gastrointestinal problems by people who seek natural remedies, as tea or other easy-to-use supplements.

What is Cranesbill Tea

Cranesbill is the common name of the Geranium Maculatum or Wild Geranium plant, a perennial herb commonly found in the temperate regions of the world, in mountains and in tropical countries. The cranesbill got its name from its fruit which has a resemblance to the bills of the crane. It possesses hairy stems and has pink to purple flowers that bloom between the months of April and June.

Cranesbill tea is known to be a good remedy for diarrhea, bladder inflammation and Crohn’s disease.

Like many herbs, the healing power of cranesbill tea is derived from the roots. The most important amoung its active constituents are: tannins, resins, starch, calcium oxalate, gallic acid and potassium.

Drink Cranesbill Tea

For a tasty cranesbill tea, use the plant’s roots or rhizomes and place about 2 teaspoons of the cranesbill in a cup of water, then bring it to a boil. Let the mix simmer for about 10 to 15 minutes. Consume the tea up to three times a day until the ailment goes away.

Cranesbill Tea Benefits

Cranesbill tea has many health benefits, like the following :

Cranesbill tea may help alleviate irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids or bladder related issues.

It may also treat heavy menstrual bleeding and relive discomfort from cyclic breast pains.

Less common uses of the herb are for the treatment of eye conditions, such as conjunctivitis and moderate retina irritations.

Cranesbill tea may help in the treatment of diarrhea or Crohn’s disease.

Cranesbill tea may fight sore throat and gingivitis.

Cranesbill tea may be useful in treating ulcers and healing wounds.

Cranesbill Tea Side Effects

Cranesbill tea should not be taken for more than two to three consecutive weeks. Due to the high content of tannin, some people may develop an upset stomach after using cranesbill tea.

Basically cranesbill tea is safe to use in your everyday life and in order to enjoy its benefits, it is a good idea to keep moderation.

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