Jun 20, 2014
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Cranberry Tea

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High in antioxidants and vitamins, cranberries are one of nature’s super foods, helping to fight free radicals and lead a healthier life. Discover how a cup of Cranberry tea can make your life better.

About Cranberry Tea

The cranberry plant is a small evergreen shrub and trailing vine, which grows in many regions from around the world, mostly in mountain forests. It has slender, wiry stems and evergreen leaves. The cranberry bush produces pink or purple flowers in the spring and bright red berries in the fall. It is edible, with an acidic taste that can overwhelm its sweetness. Cranberries are normally considered too sharp to be eaten plain and raw, as they are not only sour but bitter as well.

Cranberries are commonly found in juice drinks, compote or jelly, in baking or even cranberry wine.

Raw cranberries have moderate levels of vitamin C, E, K, dietary fiber and the essential dietary mineral, manganese, as well as a balanced profile of other essential micronutrients.

Cranberry tea has a tasty flavor and can be drunk in many forms and combinations.

Brew Cranberry Tea

Only the fruits are suitable for Cranberry tea. There are many ways to prepare a tasty tea. For example, you can combine the powdered cranberry fruit with sugar-free teas like green tea and rooibos tea, or with herbal infusions like cinnamon tea. Cranberry tea bags are also widely available for ready infusion in hot or near-boiling water. There are also a lot of ways and mixtures to prepare tasty ice cranberry tea.

Cranberry Tea  Benefits

Cranberry tea has amazing benefits for your health. Cranberry tea is an immunity booster and an overall tonic due to the antioxidants contained.

Cranberry tea is used to prevent and slow the progression of the gum disease or gingivitis.

Regular intake of the tea in combination of a healthy diet can result in weight loss and a healthier overall body.

Cranberry tea helps detoxify and protect the kidneys. It can be used to treat and prevent urinary tract infection.

Cranberry tea may have beneficial effects in fighting eye problems.

Cranberry Tea Side Effects

The good news is that there are no side effects associated to cranberry tea.

You can include cranberry tea in your daily routine with no fear what so ever and you can enjoy its many benefits.

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