Feb 19, 2014
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Primula veris. N.O. Primulaceae.

Synonym ► Herb Peter, Paigles, Palsywort. Habitat ► Moist pastures and open places.

Features ► Round, downy stem rising well above the leaves, which lie, rosette-like, on the ground. Leaves grow from the root, stalkless, undivided, velvety appearance similar to primrose leaves, but shorter and rounder. Yellow, tubular flowers bunch together on one stalk, each flower emerging from the same point, outer blossoms drooping.

Part used ► Corolla.

Action ► Antispasmodic, sedative.

In the reduction of involuntary spasmodic movements, restlessness and similar symptoms. Used also in insomnia. The usual herbal infusion is taken in tablespoonfuls as required.

Both cowslip and primrose were at one time prescribed for rheumatism, gout and paralysis, but their value in these diseases has long since been disproved.

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