Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Betulaceae.

Habitat ► Native to Europe and Western Asia; common in gardens on hill-station in India.

English ► European Hazel, Filbert.

Unani ► Funduq, Bunduq.

Action ► Kernel—nutritive, astringent; used as an anabolic tonic and in sexual debility in Unani medicine. The oil is used to reduce cholesterol and as an antioxidant.

The kernel of the European Hazel Nut contains protein 12.7%, carbohydrate 17.7%, fat 60.9% and phosphorus 0.35%. The fatty acid components of the kernel oil are : oleic 88.1%, linoleic 2.9%, palmitic 3.1%, stearic 1.6% and myristic 2.2%.

The stem bark contains a biologically active cyanidanol glycoside.

The Turkish Hazel Nuts are rich in mono and polysaturated fatty acids— oleic 82% and linoleic 9%; also gave beta-sitosterol.

The Turkish Hazel Nuts are imported into India during the winter season.

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