Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Convolvulaceae.

Habitat ► Throughout India, up to 3,000 m in the Himalayas.

English ► Deer’s Foot.

Ayurvedic ► Bhadrabalaa, Hiranpadi.

Unani ► Lablaab.

Folk ► Hirankhuri, Haranpagaa.

Action ► Plant—cooling, anticonvul- sant. Root—cathartic.

Plant extract—hypotensive in cats; raises coronary rate. Alkaloids—hy- potensive, without vasodilation. EtOH extract—anticonvulsant in rats. Aqueous extract—exhibited muscarinic and micotinic activity.

The dried rhizome contains 4.9% resin. The cathartic action of the resinous substance is about one third of that of jalap (Ipomoea purga Hayne) resin.

All parts of the plant contain beta- Me-esculetin; aerial parts n-alkanes, n-alkanols, alpha-amyrin and sterols; roots gave cuscohygrine.

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