Jun 20, 2014
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Cibotium Tea

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Altough Cibotium tea is not very popular and sometimes hard to find within the United States, it is worth trying, as it has many health benefits.

About Cibotium Tea

Cibotium is a genus of fern tropical tree – subject to much confusion and revision. There are approximately eleven species distributed in South Eastern Asia, Central America, Hawaii and Mexico. Amoung them, Cibotium barometz is well known and used in Asian medicine as it is belived to be a very powerful tonifying agent for the lungs and kidneys. The fronds of this fern are lacy and have a light green color. The trunk of the fern usually develops orange to brown hairs over time. For their part, the rhizomes or roots have long, soft, golden-yellow hair coverings and these have given it its nicknames such as “golden hair dog” or “yellow dog hair”. The rhizomes are the most used parts in traditional Chinese medicine.

The cibotium rhizomes containe tannins, pigments, cibotiumbarosides A and B, as well as cibotiglycerol.

Cibotium tea benefits can be felt if you take one cup, 2 to 3 times per day.

Cibotium Tea drink

For a tasty Cibotium tea you can use 2 to 4 grams of powdered rhizomes and dissolve them in a cup of newly-boiled water. Let them infuse for about 5 minutes and drink.

Benefits of Cibotium Tea

The following are the cibotium tea benefits attributed to this brew:

It is believed to help expel “wind” and moisture and ease weakness.

This tea is believed to help strengthen the sinews and the bones of the lower back.

Cibotium tea, in combination with other herbs such as cinnamon twigs, is believed to help ease aches, pains and stiffness in the back and in the knees.

Cibotium tea may fight chronic rheumatism.

It may also be helpful in dizziness, tinnitus and blurred vision caused by yin deficiency in the kidney and liver, according to traditional Chinese medicine.

Side effects of Cibotium Tea

Generally, there are no known side-effects or drug interactions associated with Cibotium tea. However, patients who are dehydrated, or have a dry mouth, dark yellow/brown urine, or a bitter taste in the mouth should not use this type of tea. As always, consult with a qualified health care provider before taking cibotium or any other dietary supplement.


Cibotium tea is mostly safe for health and if you keep your moderation you can easily enjoy its benefits.

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