Jun 21, 2014
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Chai Tea – a Famous Indian Blend

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Discover the unique features of this Indian blend and learn more about how to get an interesting Chai tea every time and how to combine its ingredients for a special tasty experience.

What is Chai tea

Many people think Chai tea comes from China like most other types of tea. In fact, the word chai means tea in Hindi where it has its origin. Chai tea is actually a blend that combines black tea with milk, spices (like cinnamon, cloves, pepper and ginger) and sweeteners, creating a full tasty drink, perfect for you and your family. This Indian type of tea is also called “masala tea” and “spyce tea”. The smell of it draws plenty of attention and many people say that it helps them to relax.

Drink Chai tea

The way you make Chai tea is very important to get the right taste. Being a mixture of spices in different combinations, the brewing methods vary widely. There are traditional methods together with customized ones, depending on the spices contained in the blend. The milk should be added to the black tea while it is still boiling. This will make the tea turn darker and it will get a stronger flavor than many other type of teas.

Chai Tea Benefits

Learn how the amazing benefits of black tea combine successfully with those of other herbs and spices that form this unique mixture and how can they help you lead a healthier life.

Chai tea prevents cardiovascular diseases. Catechins and polyphenols from the black tea lowers blood pressure and reduces bad cholesterol, thus preventing the formation of blood clots.

Spices contained are perfect to fight viruses and bacteria.

If you suffer from digestion problems, be sure that drinking this tea will help you in this regard.

Chai tea is good if you want to treat colds, flu or even fever.

It is a very good coffee substitute and the addition of milk and honey provide you even more health benefits within each cup.

Chai Tea Side Effects

Because it contains many ingredients in one mixture, Chai tea may have some precautions. For example, if you suffer from ulcers and heartburns you shouldn’t drink it as it may worsen your condition. If you have intolerance to lactose, you can abandon the idea of adding milk into it. If you have problems with caffeine, try to chose another blend, based or green tea or anything but black tea.

Chai tea is an interesting tea with lots of health benefits. Its numerous ways of mixing its ingredients and the different flavor according to it will certainly not bore you, because you can create a new one every time you drink it.

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