Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Cactaceae.

Habitat ► Indian gardens.

English ► Cereus, Night Blooming Cereus, Sweet Scented Cactus.

Folk ► Nivadung Paanchkoni (Maharashtra).

Action ► Fresh, young shoots—cardiac stimulant, anti-inflammatory.

The plant contains glucose, fructose, starch, amino acids and citric, fumar- ic, maleic, malonic and oxalic acids. Tyramine, a cardiotonic amine, can strengthen heart muscle action.

The flower, stem and young shoots of cereus can stimulate heart and dilate peripheral vessels, as well as stimulate spinal cord motor neurons. The reputed digitalis effect of cereus is claimed to be non-cumulative. (Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, 2007.)

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