Feb 12, 2014
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Family ► Amaranthaceae.

Habitat ► Indian gardens, as ornamental.

English ► Cock’s Comb

Ayurvedic ► Jataadhaari.

Folk ► Laal Murgaa.

Action ► Seeds—demulcent; used for painful micturition, dysentery Flowers—used in menorrhagia and diarrhoea.

The plant contains betanin, and several sterols. The inflorescence contain amarantin, isoamarantin, celosianin and isocelosianin. The seeds contain 10.1-12.8% of protein and yield 7.27.9% of a fatty oil.

Choline esters of hyaluronic acid from the plant, when fed to rats, showed antiulcer and gastro-protective effect.

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