Feb 12, 2014
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Allspice, bay rum tree (Pimenta dioica).

Plant Part Used: Leaf, berry, essential oil.

Dominican Medicinal Uses: Leaves: tea for common cold, flu; externally: mashed and applied topically for arthritis, joint pain; multi-herb tincture: taken internally for impotence, infertility, sexually transmitted infections. Berries, essential oil: externally for joint pain.

Safety: Potential hypersensitivity to essential oil. Leaf extract: low to moderate toxicity when taken orally.

Contraindications: Lack of information on use in pregnancy, lactation or young children.

Laboratory & Preclinical Data: In vitro: antibacterial, antifungal (essential oil). In vivo: anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive (leaf extract).

* See entry for Canelilla in “Part 3: Dominican Medicinal Plant Profiles” of this book for more information, including references.

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