Feb 19, 2014
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Jateorhiza calumba. N.O. Menispermaceae.

Synonym ► Cocculus palmatus, Colombo. Habitat ► Ceylon.

Features ► Root bark thick, greyish-brown outside, transverse section yellowish, vascular bundles in radiating lines. Fracture short and mealy. Very bitter and mucilaginous in taste.

Part used ► Root.

Action ► Tonic, febrifuge.

As a bitter tonic without astringency, in weakness of stomach function and indigestion generally. The infusion of 1 ounce of the powdered root to 1 pint of cold water is taken in two tablespoonful doses three or four times daily.

For bowel flatulence, U.S. Dispensatory gives ► 1/2 ounce each powdered Calumba and Ginger, 1 drachm Senna, infused in 1 pint boiling water. Dose, wineglassful three times daily.

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