Feb 12, 2014
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O. Kuntze.

Synonym ► C. glauca Savi.

Family ► Boraginaceae.

Habitat ► Native to Baluchistan. Available in Indian market as Gaozabaan.

Unani ► Gaozabaan. (According to National Formulary of Unani Medicine, Borago officinalis Linn. and other species of Boraginaceae are used as Gaozabaan.)

Action ► Leaf—diuretic, antiinflammatory, demulcent; used for strangury, asthma and cough.

The stems and leaves gave sapoge- nins—caccigenin, caccigenin lactone and 23-deoxycaccigenin; rutin and a saponin derived from caccigenin. The leaves also gave a glucoside, cac- cinin. Caccinin and its aglucone cac- cinetin (which is the dimethylallyl ester of caffeic acid) is diuretic; saponins exhibit anti-inflammatory activity.

Flowers contain pyrrolizidine alkaloid, the diester of retronecine. Ben- zoic acid has also been isolated from the flowers.

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