Jun 21, 2014
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Bugleweed Tea for Endocrine Issues

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Bugleweed Tea  is an important ingredient in the field of modern alternative medicine because it proved its efficiency against thyroid problems, as well as breast pain.

Bugleweed Tea description

Bugleweed is a low-growing flowering plant from the mint family, native to Europe. It is also known as sweet bugle and it grows in marshlands.

The bugleweed has oval-shaped leaves which resemble spinach leaves. Bugleweed flowers grow in clusters and have a pink to blue color.

This plant has a fresh, mild, mint-like aroma.

The leaves and flowers are used for medicinal purposes.

Bugleweed tea is the resulting beverage from brewing the abovementioned plant.

Bugleweed Tea brewing

To prepare Bugleweed tea:

  • add one teaspoonful of dried bugleweed herbs to a cup of boiling water
  • allow the mixture to steep for 10-15 minutes

Bugleweed tea may be drunk three times a day.

Also, it can be applied topically either as tincture or as poultice.

Bugleweed Tea benefits

Bugleweed tea has been successfully used to:

  • treat hyperthyroidism
  • alleviate cyclic breast pain in women by moderating estrogen levels
  • sedate and calm the nerves
  • suppress cough and fighting tuberculosis and other disorders of the lungs
  • moderate a rapid heart rate
  • remove excess fluid in the body and promote better circulation
  • accelerate the healing of bruises and other wounds (when applied topically)

Bugleweed Tea side effects

Bugleweed tea should not be consumed by pregnant or nursing women.

Bugleweed tea is a herbal remedy for a large array of diseases, being best known for its healing properties against hyperthyroidism, breast pain and lungs disorders.

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