Feb 12, 2014
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Literally “bottle”; refers to multi-herb preparations that are administered orally or topically and are often stored in bottles; typically there are four different types of botellas:

1. multi-herb decoction – made by boiling several plants (usually roots ) for a long time to make a strong brew and adding other ingredients for flavor, therapeutic effect and/or as preservatives; (see also bebedizo);

2. alcohol-based tincture – prepared by steeping a combination of plants in alcohol (usually gin, rum or wine) for several days or weeks and using the alcohol extract medicinally;

3. oil mixture – prepared by combining a number of vegetable and/or animal oils; usually administered by the spoonful; (see aceite).

4. juice mixture – prepared by combining the fresh fruit, leaf or root juice (zumo or jugo) of different plants.

The first two types of preparations are the most common ones referred to by the term botella.

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