Feb 12, 2014
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Indian heliotrope (Heliotropium indicum).

Plant Part Used: Leaf.

Dominican Medicinal Uses: The leaves are traditionally boiled in water and taken as a tea or bath for skin conditions including rash, papules, pustules, measles and chicken pox.

Safety: This plant contains toxic pyrrolizidine alkaloids. No studies on the safety of this plant in humans have been identified in the available literature. Cases of mortality in grazing animals due to ingestion of this plant have been reported.

Clinical Data: In human clinical trials, isolated plant constituents (alkaloids) have been investigated for their anti-cancer effects.

Laboratory & Preclinical Data: The leaves have shown anti-inflammatory activity in animal studies, and the ethanolic extract has shown wound-healing effects. In vitro, plant extracts have demonstrated antitumor activity.

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