Feb 19, 2014
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Eupatorium perfoliatum. N.O. Compositae.

Synonym ► Indian Sage, Thoroughwort. Habitat ► Damp places.

Features ► One or more erect stems, branched at top. Leaves opposite, lanceolate, four to six inches long, united at base, crenate edges, tiny, yellow resin dots beneath. Flowers August to October. Persistently bitter taste.

Part used ► Herb.

Action ► Diaphoretic, febrifuge, tonic, laxative, expectorant.

Influenza and feverish conditions generally, for which purpose it is very successfully used by the American negroes. Also used in catarrhs. The infusion of 1 ounce to 1 pint boiling water may be given in wineglassful doses frequently, hot as a diaphoretic and febrifuge, cold as a tonic.

F. H. England, of the College of Medicine and Surgery, Chicago (Physio- Medical) says ► “It is a pure relaxant to the liver. It acts slowly and persistently. Its greatest power is manifested upon the stomach, liver, bowels and uterus.”

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