Jun 21, 2014
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Black Haw Tea for the Use of Women

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Black haw tea is made by brewing the bark of the plant. It is largely used for its healing properties in medical issues like menstrual cramps.

Black Haw Tea description

Black haw is a small deciduous shrub, originating from North America. It grows in moist woods, thickets, and along stream banks. It has red brown bark, flat-topped white flowers, and grooved branches.

Black haw possesses edible red berries typically ripen in August. Its berries can be eaten or made into jams or preserves.

During the pre-Civil War days in America, the black haw was believed to boost fertility. It is also said that Black haw tea has been drunk by slave women (at the behest of slave owners) to increase their ability to bear more children.

Most of the health properties of this plant are derived from its bark.

Black haw tea is the resulting beverage from brewing the abovementioned plant.

Black Haw Tea brewing

To make Black haw tea:

  • Boil two teaspoonfuls of dried Black haw bark in a cup of water (Bring water to a gentle boil).
  • Allowed it to simmer for ten minutes and then cool it and strain it.

The Black haw tea can be taken twice a day during the treatment period.

Black Haw Tea benefits

Black haw tea has been successfully used to:

  • help in alleviating symptoms of menopause and menstrual cramps in women
  • help prevent a miscarriage in women
  • alleviate labor pains
  • help in easing uterine disorders in women
  • help in the treatment of migraine headaches
  • help lower blood pressure

Black Haw Tea side effects

Black haw tea is not recommended to pregnant and nursing women until further studies are conducted.

Black haw tea is a medicinal beverage used for years to induce fertility and to alleviate labor pains, but not only.

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