Jun 3, 2014
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Ashwagandha is the Ayurvedic equivalent of ginseng but heats the body less. It is well known for promoting semen and helps treat both infertility and impotency.

So, the biggest issue I hear from clients who are looking for help in this area is that they are too stressed and don’t have enough energy for a healthy sex life. Enter ashwagandha. This herb boosts energy, reduces stress and has been shown to increase sperm count and the production of sex hormones (in either sex).

The various active principles in this herb (alkaloids, anoloids, withanolides and other technical jargon) are sexually stimulating and support longevity. One thing, though—only take this herb when you’re, you know, in the moment (well, a few hours before you’re in the moment). The body can build up a tolerance for this herb and, as it can increase testosterone, it can cause aggression in some testosterone-sensitive people. My advice? Try taking one 500mg capsule a few times a week and see how it goes.

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