Jun 23, 2014
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Anamu Tea

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Anamu tea is largely known for its healing properties, especially anti-cancer. It is also used in religious rituals and to repel insects, due to its garlic-like odor.

Anamu Tea description

Anamu is a perennial shrub, growing especially in America. Its roots and leaves give off a pungent odor reminiscent of garlic, due to which the plant is also known as “garlic weed”.

Its flowers and roots have been used as a medical remedy for diverse ailments affecting the digestive and urinary tract. Early inhabitants of the American continent used anamu to treat themselves from snakebites and arrow poisoning.

Anamu tea, the beverage resulting from brewing the abovementioned plant, is one of the most used medicinal herbs in South and Central America, known for its anti-cancer and sedative properties, but not only.

Anamu Tea brewing

To prepare Anamu tea:

  • Place about 30 grams of the dried anamu plant in one liter of boiling water
  • Let it boil for about 15 minutes
  • Take it out of the heat
  • Let the mix steep for 7 minutes
  • Drink it slowly

 ¼ cup may be intaken three times a day.

Anamu powder tablet and capsules are also good to enjoy this plant’s benefits.

Anamu Tea benefits

Anamu tea is known to:

  • lower the risk of developing tumors and cancer
  • help fight inflammations that cause many different kinds of pain such as arthritis, rheumatism and headaches
  • help strengthen the immune system by killing viruses, bacteria, candida and fungi
  • help fight diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels
  • help reduce fever and flu
  • help sedate the nervous system
  • fight anxiety
  • help in detoxification by promoting urination, as well as perspiration
  • help promote menstruation
  • help fight congestion-related problems such as cough, colds and sinusitis
  • help ease muscle spasms

Anamu Tea side effects

Anamu tea is not recommended to pregnant women. Studies revealed that the intake may cause contractions and afterwards, miscarriages.

Patients suffering from blood disorders should ask their physicians before consuming Anamu tea because it has been discovered that it has a blood thinning effect on the body.

Complications were noticed for people with hypoglycemia.

Anamu tea is a healthy beverage, which may successfully enhance immunity, kill cancer cells or reduce pain. It is a good choice for people looking to improve their daily diet.

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