Jun 23, 2014
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Albizia Tea Fights Insomnia

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Albizia tea is largely-spread worldwide and it provides plenty of health benefits to consumers. It is mainly recommended to patients suffering from ailments afflicting the nerve and brain.

Albizia Tea description

Albizia is a genus of more than 150 species of trees, occurring in large areas of the world, but mainly in the Old World tropics. It is regarded as an invasive species, growing in dry plains and sandy valleys.

The parts considered to have healthy properties are the flowers and the bark. The heads of the Albizia flower are said to have sedative and tonic properties, whereas the bark has proven a stimulant and diuretic action.

In ancient traditional Chinese literature, the use of the Albizia herb was related to promoting joy, assuaging sorrow and brightening the eyes.

Albizia tea is made from dried blossoms of the abovementioned plant.

Albizia Tea brewing

To prepare Albizia tea:

  • steep the dried blossoms in a 12-gram cup of hot water (5 minutes)
  • alternatively, place a teaspoon of dried Albizia herb powder in newly-boiled water and similarly steep for about 5 minutes
  • drink the tea slowly

Albizia Tea benefits

Albizia tea has proved its efficiencyin:

  • fighting insomnia
  • improving the mood, uplifting the spirit and fighting depression, melancholy and anxiety
  • fighting irritability
  • strengthening mental health
  • relieving stress
  • relieving tightness in the chest

Albizia Tea side effects

Albizia tea may interfere with other drugs that one intakes. Before drinking Albizia tea, consumers should consider consulting a licensed health care provider to avoid any possible inconvenience. However, Albizia is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, because there is little scientific evidence that it does not harm the baby.

Albizia tea is a healthy type of tea, extensively used to treat insomnia and improve the mood, but it is also recommended to consumers willing to strengthen their mental health.

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