Feb 19, 2014
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Agrimonia eupatoria. N.O. Rosaceae.

Synonym ► Stickwort.

Habitat ► Hedgerows, field borders and dry waste places.

Features ► One of our prettiest wild plants, the erect, round, hairy stem reaching a height of two feet. The numerous pinnate leaves, hairy on both sides, and 5-6 inches long, grow alternately, having 3-5 pairs of lanceolate, toothed leaflets, with intermediate smaller ones, and still smaller ones between these. The many small, star-like, bright yellow flowers are arranged in long, tapering spikes. The root is woody, and the seeds form little burs, the taste being astringent and slightly bitter.

Part used ► The whole herb.

Action ► Acts as a mild astringent, tonic and diuretic, these qualities being useful in loose coughs and relaxed bowels.

Agrimony is an old remedy for debility, as it gives tone to the whole

system. It is administered as a decoction of one ounce to 1 1/2 pints water, simmered down to 1 pint, in half teacupful or larger doses, and may be sweetened with honey or black treacle if desired. The herb has been recommended for dyspepsia, but is probably only useful in this disorder when carefully combined with other more directly operating agents.

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